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Dara Schwartz, Darista


Our modern Israeli hummusiya will delight eaters with unbelievably tasty food inspired by Mediterranean flavors.

Inspired by Israeli hummus bar restaurants, Darista Hummusiya adds a modern twist on this traditional, popular Mediterranean spread. We feature our flagship hummus as the foundation for each plate and build bold, beautiful layers of world flavor with ingredients ranging from bright roasted veggies to protein offerings, giving each plate (and palate) a unique ethnic experience. Darista partners with local farms to provide the most fresh, healthy and best tasting ingredients for each dish.

We’re on a mission to delight eaters with unbelievably tasty food inspired by cuisines around the world and made right here in Ohio with the finest and freshest ingredients possible.

We’re about fun. We don’t hold back when it comes to flavors, colors and textures. Moroccan spices? Bright pink beets? Crunchy kale and carrots? Yes, yes and yes.

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Ready to be delighted with unbelievably delicious food? Darista’s dishes are packed with bold, earthy ingredients and delectably complex spice blends that are sure to be a party for any palate!

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