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Falafel Kitchen started as a little idea, one that is centered around a long family history of food, culture, and the need to share what we feel is the most amazing way to eat. We come from the same family that brought you Mazah Mediterranean Eatery almost a decade ago. Our goal is to focus more on the culturally unique aspect of our Falafel street food. Falafel is a phenomenon that has been part of the Levantine food culture since our grandparents could remember. It is a staple in the Middle East the way that pizza is a staple in the United States.

Falafel are packed full of chickpeas, which are a high source of protein and fiber. This makes Falafel a delicious way to eat clean. Our menu is primarily vegan, which includes many of our pastries as well. Our Falafel are also by nature gluten-free. We do serve Chicken Shawarma, and at times other delicious specials that come out of our family’s cookbook.

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