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Samantha Strange

AboutThe Cheesecake Girl

The Cheesecake Girl is thrilled to get the opportunity to be the first vendor in Budd Dairy’s Hatch stall & excited to join the team!

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The Cheesecake Girl is a made from scratch bakery focused on making the best quality cheesecake while sourcing local ingredients & focusing on comfort & nostalgia!

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What is Hatch at Budd Dairy Food Hall?

Hatch is a kitchen in Budd Dairy Food Hall where a rotating series of select chefs have unlimited potential to:

  • Test new recipes or new concepts
  • Show off their passion and vision
  • Meet new guests
  • Join a new community
  • Use Hatch as a launching pad for future growth

Every few weeks, we’ll host a new chef and their team in Hatch.

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