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Ana Cruz, Tacos Rudos

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The term Rudos comes from Mexican wrestling or lucha libre, where the Rudos, the antiheroes, fight the tecnicos. Relatives of the Rudos Team trained and became wrestlers in Mexico City around the 1970’s, they were Rudos. Ever since then, lucha libre has been one of our traditions, great food being the other.

The team at Tacos Rudos has worked at some of the best kitchens in Columbus, and when the opportunity to fight for a spot at Budd Dairy Food Hall was announced, we were confident in our experience. After rounds of tastings and going head to head with some of the best established and upcoming concepts in the city, we are happy to be partners at Budd Dairy.

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We at TACOS RUDOS know great food only takes you halfway there, the rest of the dining experience comes from GREAT customer service.

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5 things to know about Tacos Rudos
  1. Tacos Rudos serves hand-pressed corn tortillas.
  2. They are women-owned small business.
  3. Warm and welcoming customer service is always welcome.
  4. The most popular tacos are the Pescado (fish) and Al Pastor (marinated Pork).
  5. They also have house-made drinks and salsas.
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