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Filipino food has undergone a renaissance in the past decade. As Filipinos immigrated and assimilated to the United States, many aspects of Filipino culture were lost in the generations after. In an effort to rediscover their culture, young Filipino chefs and entrepreneurs are exploring their identity and redefining Filipino food in what is being called the Filipino Food Movement. The goal of this movement is to give Filipino food a platform to be recognized and celebrated.

At Boni Filipino Street Food, we want to share the experience of an unapologetically authentic Filipino meal – homemade with an emphasis on ingredients and presentation. Whether for a special meal, a relaxing gathering of friend or exploring new flavors – you’re welcome at our table.

Boni Filipino Street Food came from our love of food, cooking and feeding people. Like many Filipinos, it’s our way of showing we care. There’s a phrase used in many Filipino homes – Kumain ka na ba – which translates to “have you eaten yet?” Walk into a Filipino home at any time of the day and you’ll be greeted with “Kumain ka na ba?” It’s our way of saying hello.

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Boni Filipino Street Food’s menu is an approachable take on Filipino street food. For locals, street food is the ultimate comfort food. For travelers, it is the ultimate adventure. Our goal is to create a menu that is authentic, unique, and exciting while still approachable and easy to communicate. The menu will consist of Bowls (preset rice bowls with available customizations), Rolls (fried spring rolls), and Sticks (grilled BBQ skewers).

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