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Kathryn Nuss, Cousins Maine Lobster

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Cousins Maine Lobster quickly established a loyal following of Maine lobster lovers in Columbus. The company’s family values spread from their food to their customers. “Getting to know people who love lobster is exciting and fascinating at the same time,” said Nuss. “Apparently, there is a real love affair between our truck (her name is Stella) and the people of Columbus!”

As the food truck’s popularity grows, Cousins Maine Lobster and its Columbus fans are excited to have a brick and mortar location at Budd Dairy Food Hall. Owner, Kathryn Nuss is thrilled for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with other chef partners in a unique, shared space and continue to build the company’s following through the partnership with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with CMR which provides a valuable learning opportunity for new, restaurant entrepreneurs and will expose Cousins Maine Lobster to a wider consumer base.

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“To serve wild-caught, sustainably harvested, 100% premium lobster directly from Maine to people throughout America, while maintaining & providing Maine’s signature hospitality to the guests we serve.”

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5 things to know about Cousins Maine Lobster
  1. The Cousins launched their first food truck in April 2012, and later appeared on Shark Tank where they partnered with shark Barbara Corcoran. Since then, they have expanded to 18 cities across the U.S.
  2. Cousins serves 100% wild-caught, sustainably harvested, premium lobster from Maine.
  3. They bring the lobster shack vibe by the way of their food trucks and brick and mortar locations.
  4. All of their food is served with care and attention by knowledgeable staff with their Down East Maine Hospitality.
  5. At Cousins Maine Lobster, they strive to bring their family traditions to yours- food as authentic as the place it comes from!
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